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Outside Catering

As specialists in Fresh Food and Outside Catering, We cater for all Parties/Events such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Christenings, Confirmation, First Communions
  • Anniversary
  • Meetings
  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Club Events
  • Bar-b-ques

Outside Catering Menu

Finger Buffet

In a Basket

Southern Fried Chicken Goujon, Bar-b-que Chicken Wings, Spicy Wedges, Cocktail Sausages. €5.00

With a selection of sandwiches. €6.00 Per Person Smoked Salmon on brown bread, cheddar cheese & fresh fruits, Chicken Goujon with dip, selection of sandwiches. €8.50

Open Brown Bread Sandwiches €5.75
All open sandwiches served with seasonal salad

Selection of freshly prepared sandwiches and cocktail sausages €4.75

Selection of freshly prepared sandwiches €3.50


Option 1

Fresh Fillet Salmon and Prime Roast Beef Served with a choice of 5 salads, accompanied by freshly baked rolls and homemade brown bread €12.50

Option 2

Roast Breast of Turkey, Honey Roast Limerick Ham Served with a choice of 5 salads accompanied with homemade wheaten brown bread, freshly baked rolls €9.50

Add On’s

Platter of Smoked Salmon with capers and lemon Platter of Prime Roast Beef Platter of Roast Breast of Chicken marinated in sweet chilli sauce or Cajun herbs and spices €4.75 Per Person

From the Salad Bar

Please note all our salads are made daily freshly in house

Coleslaw – Dutch Cabbage and Grated Carrot blended with creamy mayonnaise

Potato Salad – Mashed potato, chopped scallions, seasoned and mixed with mayonnaise

Pasta Salad – Pasta spirals blended with Mediterranean tomato dressing and mixed with sweet peppers

Baby Potato Salad – Baby potatoes tossed in a grain mustard mayonnaise and mixed with spring onions

Mixed Salad – Mixed lettuce, tomato, red onion and grated carrot

New Yorker Salad – Celery, pineapple peanuts wrapped in a creamy mayonnaise

Spanish Salad – Dutch cabbage, pineapple, apple, mandarin orange, peppers lightly tossed in mayonnaise

Curried Rice – Long grain rice with raisins, sweet corn, peppers and pineapple

Celery & Apple – Crunchy celery combined with apples and mayonnaise

Carrot & Raisin – Grated carrot with raisins and peanuts drizzled with French dressing

Starters Per Person

Homemade Soup with breads €4.00

Smoked Salmon Starter €6.00

Smoked Mayonnaise €6.00

Smoked Chicken on a bed of mixed lettuce & herbs €6.00

Prawn Cocktail in marie rose sauce €6.00

From the Carvery

Roast Breast of Turkey, with fresh herb stuffing and honey roast Limerick Ham €12.50

Roast Strip loin of Beef, red wine jus €13.50

Roast Leg of Lamb served with fresh herb stuffing and mint gravy €13.50

Roast Stuffed Chicken & Ham €11.50

Roast Loin of Pork served with bramley apple sauce €11.50

All above items are served with creamed potato, herb roast potato and a choice of two seasonal vegetables

From The Stove

Beef Bourguignoine – Tender pieces of beef slowly cooked with smoked bacon, baby onions, button mushrooms and lots of red wine €10.00

Beef Stroganoff – Tender beef cooked with onions, mushrooms, gherkins, paprika, cream and brandy €10.00

Deep Pan Lasagne – €8.50
Beef, Chicken and mushrooms or Vegetable

Beef Curry – medium – with fruit €10.00

Chicken Curry – medium – with peppers, onions and mushrooms €10.00

Chicken Chardonnay – Creamy chicken with sweet peppers and finished with chardonnay €10.00

All dishes are served with rice, baby potatoes and mixed green salad

Dessert Range

(2 days notice is required)

Pavlova – Topped with freshly whipped cream, smothered in fruit Small €45.00 Large €50.00

Rhubarb & Strawberry Crumble €25.00 (12 portions)

Lemon Meringue Pie €25.00 (12 portions)

Banoffi Pie – Crunchy biscuit, smothered in caramel, topped with bananas finished with a cream topping €28.00

Cheesecake – Lemon / Strawberry €25.00

Profiteroles – €2.50 per portion

Booking in advance is essential.

Staff available on request.
Crockery and cutlery available.
(Not included in above prices)

All prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable. Prices may change without prior notice. Special Rates available for larger groups.

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